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Customer Comments

"My skin was flawless and had a natural glow, my eyes looked outstanding."

"I felt comfortable with my make-up, I felt like myself."

"The make-up stayed on until I came home and some said it even stayed on until the next day."


"Thank you for the amazing job with my and my mom's make-up.  It was the perfect balance for me - enough for pictures, but still natural!"


"Friends and family kept complimenting their make-up and saw it wasn’t overdone and lasted throughout the whole affair. I highly recommend you."


Lisa receives many letters from satisfied clients. This one is the one she thinks sums it up the best:

“Thank you so much, Lisa. Our make-up stayed fresh and remained perfect throughout the day right into the evening. It was amazing. I walked my daughter down the aisle , kissed her, and cried like a baby.

your talent is absolutely awesome!”
Love, Lee Rosentraub


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