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  • Contact Lisa at her new number - 516-521-0748
    or email Lisa directly at Lisa@LisaBariMakeup.com
    for Curbside Delivery or Mail Order!

  • It's here!  The Lisa Bari Make-Up Store is open and ready for you to purchase some of Lisa's top selling products. Click STORE on the menu above and go shopping!
  • Make an appointment for all new Lisa Bari seasonal colors.  Treat yourself to a personalized make-up consultation and lesson!

      For more information, call Lisa at
      516-521-0748 or email her at

WOR Radio's Joan Hamburg mentioned one of our favorite products on her "Blah-Blah" blog recently - "Sardi’s is filled with stars, but my listeners are just as interesting. Make-up artist Lisa Bari, stopped by with some tricks of her trade, and both Nat and I are glowing after she applied her Mineral Sheer Tint on us!"

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